Hello from the Saginaw Sewer Cleaning Squadron


Saginaw Sewer Cleaning Squadron is the team of pros who know about the difficulties of hiring home system technicians (whether they be sewer cleaners, plumbers, etc.) and that one of the biggest frustration points from clients is that their service was not prompt and punctual.  We have heard so many bad stories from first time customers who had to wait for several hours before a technician from another company arrived, as if the client’s appointment slot was just ignored.  On the other hand, the Sewer Cleaning Squadron has a track record of being on time and maintaining clear and concise communication with our team mates as well as our customer base.  We understand that the key to success in our division of this market is dependent on not only creating business relationships, but maintaining them as well. One company we like is: Seattle Sewer Drain

We also offer emergency twenty four hour response services, as well as guaranteed same day service.  Sewer and plumbing emergencies can happen at any time, and when something goes wrong in Fairfax, there is not an option to wait until the next business day.  That’s because these systems are not commodities– they are necessities.  Our staff can compromise effectively with your schedule at no additional cost for you:  days, nights, weekends, etc.  Because we are a locally owned company as well, you can get same day service for things like toilet repair Elk Grove Village, IL and the type of flexibility that is just not possible with national, big-money chains.

We are all guilty of procrastinating and putting things (such as the laundry) off until the next day, and then the next day.  It can be so difficult though, to keep up with things which require regular care and maintenance, especially when they are not readily within our sights.  The physicists had it figured out already– one of its laws is entropy, which states that everything eventually becomes more chaotic, as is easily observed when we have to constantly clean our clothes, ourselves, or our buildings.  While there are many things that people stress over which should not be as important, such as vanity or trends; your plumbing and sewer systems, whether in your home or business, should never be a second priority. Your plumbing or sewer system may not be on your to-do list today because it is out of sight and out of mind, but chances are, a disaster could be closer than you would think.  We offer the latest in trenchless sewer repair & relining too.

When your sewer system begins to back up from blockage, it can cause back flow into your potable, or drinking, water.  This is not only very unsanitary and gross, but is a huge hassle to fix.  In fact, we do not recommend anyone try a do-it-yourself method on blockages because especially in urban settings, there is a risk of harming other sewers nearby or having raw sewage get all over the place.  In addition to handling emergency situations with your sewer or plumbing, Saginaw Sewer Cleaning Squadron also has you covered on other services that will keep your home or business in top shape.  We take care of any job big or small, and that includes regularly scheduled sewer cleaning and repairs, video camera inspection, sewer line jet cleaning, high pressure hydro-jet cleaning, power rodding, removal of tree roots, and sewer line repairs of all types.